raining fish

Rains of Fishes

A compilation of the evidence that fishes occasionally fall from the sky

diamond dop

How Diamonds Are Polished

Processes to transform a diamond in the rough into the exquisite brilliant of commerce

insects congo

Insects as Food

How They Have Augmented the Food Supply of Mankind in Early and Recent Times

Picadilly Museum

Glimpses of Early Museums

The genesis of the habitat group

Buffalo Park

The Coming Back of the Bison

Under Government and private protection bison have increased

Thomas Jefferson, c.1821

Thomas Jefferson’s Contributions to Natural History

His effort sent out the Lewis and Clark exploring party into the unknown West.

My Life as a Naturalist

With a presentation of various first-hand data on the life histories and habits of the big game animals of Africa.

Individuality, Temperament, and Genius in Animals

Research that lets us appreciate human individuality

sharks attacks Jersey Shore

Sharks: Man-Eaters and Others

With suggestions that Americans turn to economic account some of the smaller species of the Atlantic Coast

Golden Orb Spider

Fragments of Spider Lore

Spiders in history

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Recent Stories

Conspicuous armaments are good visual proxies for fighting ability.

Bats, reservoirs for such viruses as Ebola, are increasingly villainized and require special conservation.

After centuries of moving through the Irish countryside, a group known as Travellers has come to rest.

Algae, plants and humans: three groups of organisms that used chemistry to change the planet.