No Way Out

The fate of the Caspian seal may have been decided five million years ago.

Aerial Assassins

Robber flies are top predators in the insect world.

The Naming of Parts

A visual atlas of solifuge jaws enables research on these poorly-understood arachnids.

Signs of Intelligent Life

Pigs possess complex ethological traits similar to dogs and chimpanzees.

Long in the Tooth

Striations in teeth reveal the pace of life.

Love in the Time of Monkeys

The importance of food, jealousy, and paternal care in the evolution of owl monkey monogamy

Amor en los Tiempos del Mono

La importancia del alimento, los celos y el cuidado paternal en la evolución de la monogamia en el mono mirikiná

Extravagant Weaponry

Conspicuous armaments are good visual proxies for fighting ability.

Superheroes of the Night Skies

Bats, reservoirs for such viruses as Ebola, are increasingly villainized and require special conservation.

Nomads No More

After centuries of moving through the Irish countryside, a group known as Travellers has come to rest.

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Recent Stories

A choreographer expresses the contemporary paradox of being a woman, Muslim, North African, Arab, and artist.

Multiple theories for the decline of Easter Island's civilization may be complementary. 

Hover fly cuticles are covered in tiny spikes called nanopillars.

Conservation efforts have increased China's tree cover.