The Kids May Be All Right

The offspring of coral exposed to harsh conditions may be better prepared to deal with climate change.

Born Immunity

How honey bees pass on immunity to their young.

Mother Nose Best

Antarctic fur seals communicate via their chemical profiles.

Babblers Make Sense

Birds use phonemic structuring, a component of language previously thought to be uniquely human.

Matching Colors

Female stink bugs lay eggs of different colors on different surfaces.

Dropping the Bomb on Poaching

Radiocarbon dating of elephant tusks can help identify illegal ivory. 

Does this Fat Make Me Look Hot?

Cold-blooded male lampreys produce heat in response to sexually mature females.

Planetary Persistence

The formation of Earth-sized planets all across the cosmos is more robust than previously thought.

Sound Barriers

Sonar and other ocean noices can disrupt the diving and deep-feeding habits of whales.

Safe and Ultrasound

Some moths have evolved special ears to detect the ultrasonic cries of bats.

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Recent Stories

Pigs possess complex ethological traits similar to dogs and chimpanzees.

Validation, At Last

A Matter of Degrees

Striations in teeth reveal the pace of life.