Community Leadership

(Involvement, member of board or other leadership position with community organization)    
  Current/past involvement Current/past board or leadership position
Involvement or leadership with
one or more organizations (net)
72.1% 33.8%
Educational institution/library 36.6% 11.7%
Hospital 13.7% 4.7%
Religious organization 36.6% 13.4%
Local/national charity 27.9% 11.2%
Community organization, e.g.
zoning or planning board, etc.
10.2% 5.2%
Political organization 8.7% 2.7%
Business development organization 7.2% 2.2%
Cultural institution, e.g., museum,
orchestra, etc.
19.4% 4.5%
Involvement or leadership with
two or more organizations (net)
48.8% 15.2%
Involvement or leadership with
three more organizations (net)
23.6% 5.0%

Source: 2008 Ipsos Mendelsohn Natural History Subscriber Study. Indexes based on 2008 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey

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