Member/Contributor to Cultural Institution

  Member and/or contributor Contributor beyond membership (base member)
Member/contributor to one or more
institutions (net)
86.1% 34.2%
Art museum 33.5% 8.1%
Natural history/science museum 66.3% 11.0%
Performance arts (Symphony
orchestra/ballet/dance company, etc)
27.6% 13.4%
Zoo/aquarium/botanical garden 37.4% 8.1%
Other cultural institution 23.7% 16.1%
PBS/NPR membership 38.2%  
Member/contributor to two or more
institutions (net)
60.6% 18.1%
Member/contributor to three or more
institutions (net)
38.1% 8.6%

Source: 2008 Ipsos Mendelsohn Natural History Subscriber Study. Indexes based on 2008 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey

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