Reader Involvement

  % Comp
Length of time been a subscriber  
Five or more years 43.8%
2 years to less than 5 years 25.9%
Less than 2 years 30.3%
Median years 4.3
Read 2+ of past 4 issues 85.1%
Read regularly 3+ of the past 4 issues 70.1%
Median number of past four issues read 3.6
How receive copy  
Subscribe 31.1%
Receive as part of museum membership 68.9%
Took any action 83.4%
Took 2+ actions 54.9%
Average number of actions taken 2.4
Discussed something read with other person 62.9%
Saved entire issue 37.6%
Passed articles/ads to others 35.9%
Marked/clipped/saved ad or article for future reference 26.8%
Accessed Natural History web site 9.0%

Source: 2008 Ipsos Mendelsohn Natural History Subscriber Study. Indexes based on 2008 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey

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