Bait and Switch

Frogs, like humans, irrationally switch their preferences.

Less Ice, More Food

Phytoplankton blooms gain nutrients from glacial melting.

Rock Collections

The gas-giant planets may have formed via pebble accretion.

Veritas in Vino

A biochemical basis for terroir

Drought Seeds Unrest

Evidence from the Dayu Cave links dry periods with societal upheaval.

Passive HVAC

Termite mounds use ambient temperature oscillations to circulate air. 

Gut Reaction

A major coffee pest relies on bacteria in its gut to metabolize caffeine.

The Kids May Be All Right

The offspring of coral exposed to harsh conditions may be better prepared to deal with climate change.

Born Immunity

How honey bees pass on immunity to their young.

Mother Nose Best

Antarctic fur seals communicate via their chemical profiles.

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Recent Stories

Earth's earliest known forms of animal life were trailblazers.

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