Rates and Specifications

Effective / February 2011 Issue      Circulation / 50,000-150,000 Rates based on 50,000

Ad Sizes Non-bleed Bleed Trim
Two-page spread gutter bleed 15"x10" 16-1/2"x10-3⁄4" 16-1⁄4"x10-1⁄2"
2/3 page 4-5⁄8"x10" 5-1⁄4"x10-3⁄4" 5-1⁄8"x10-1⁄2"
1/2 page horizontal spread 15"x4-7⁄8" 16-1⁄2"x5-3⁄8" 16-1⁄4"x5-1⁄4"
1/2 page horizontal 7"x4-7⁄8" 8-1⁄4"x5-3⁄8" 8-1⁄8"x5-1⁄4"
1/2 page digest 4-5⁄8"x7" 5-1/4"x7-1⁄2" 5-1⁄8"x7-3⁄8"
1/3 page - vertical 2-1/4"x10" 2-7/8"x10-3⁄4" 2-3/4"x10-1⁄2"
1/3 page - square 4-5⁄8"x4-7⁄8" 5-1⁄4"x5-3⁄8" 5-1⁄8"x5-1⁄4"
1/6 page 2-1⁄4"x4-7⁄8"    

Dimension Details

    Full page trim: 8-1/8" x 10-1/2"
    Live area: 7-3/8"x 9-3 /4"
    Spread trim: 16-1/4" x 10-1/2"
    Spread live area: 15-1/2" x 9-3/4"
    Safety margins are to be 3/8” from trim all around
    All 1/8” on all sides for bleed ads

General Specifications

Complete mechanical specifications available on request. Also see SRDS Print Production Data.
• Process Web Offset, R.O.P.
• Binding: Saddle-Stitch
• Original offset materials left in publisher’s possession are destroyed 12 months after date of issue

Digital Ad Requirements

Natural History accepts ads in digital form, provided all technical provisions and deadlines are met. Ads can be submitted as Macintosh formatted, collected Quark or InDesign documents; Illustrator EPS, Photoshop EPS or TIFF files; and PDF files. PDFs must be created with high resolution images and CMYK color space. No spot colors. Please include a laser print and digital color proof for color ads.

Conditions for Document Files

• Include all fonts and images

• Images must be high resolution, minimum 300+ dpi

• All colors must be CMYK. No spot colors.

• All fonts must be Postscript (screen and printer) and must be used in their native form. (Bold, italic or other font attributes must not be done in the application, but must be the proper version of the font).

Files can be sent on CD ROM, or uploaded to our FTP site. By accepting digital ads, Natural History is acting as a prepress supplier. We cannot be held responsible for unexpected results from failure to follow the above procedures and commonly-accepted desktop publishing principles. Should you have any questions or for FTP site information, please contact Meredith Miller, Advertising Production Manager, at 212-689-9648 or mer1219@hotmail.com. proof specifications For all 4-color ads, please supply proofs that are SWOP certified with color bars. Advertisers can go to the SWOP Web site (www.swop.org) to learn about SWOP-certified proofing systems. Color keys, laserprints, photocopies and tear sheets are not acceptable as proofs. Line screening of 133 or 150 is acceptable. Send Materials To: Advertising Production Department / Natural History, 105 W Highway 54, Suite 265, Durham, NC 27713-6650.

Tel: 919-933-1867

Fax: 919-933-1867

Please specify advertiser and date of insertion on all materials.