Very Distant Relative

Déjà Vu

Improbable Replications

Replaying evolution, often but not inevitably, yields similar outcomes. 

Ancient Algae

Babblers Make Sense

Birds use phonemic structuring, a component of language previously thought to be uniquely human.

race sign

Born to Run

Humans will never win a sprint against your average quadruped. But our species is well-adapted for the marathon.


A Fossil Comes to Life

One of the most important zoological discoveries of the present century gives us a glimpse at the closest living relative of our fish-like ancestors.

bonobos exhibit "play face"

Bodies in Sync

Contagious laughter, yawns, and moods offer insight into empathy’s origins.

Expedition Headquarters

Bones in the Brewery

A Paleontologist's Rendezvous with History and Prehistory in St. Louis

gorilla, Australian aborigine, and modern European skulls

Man—500,000 Years From Now

A Scientific Attempt to Forecast What May Occur in the Future Evolution of Man